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My vacation to Corfu

Family-Run Tavernas in Corfu

This story was send to us by Sandy N. who visited our place during early April 2024.
Feel free to share with us your stories as well and we promise that we will publish them as an inspiration for the people still thinking to book a holiday.

Family-Run Tavernas in Corfu
Family Run Tavernas in Corfu 1

I can still hear the peaceful murmurs of the Ionian Sea as I prepare to tell you about my most recent adventure. Within the picturesque walls of a charming villa that I occupied for a week, I discovered a little piece of paradise in the magical Chalikounas.

The expansive rooms bathed in sunlight and the balcony that provided a front-row ticket to magnificent sunsets gave the impression that this villa would be the perfect escape from everyday life the moment I arrived. With a touch of magic spellbound by “Stay and Drive in Chalikounas,” it became more than simply a place to sleep; it became a home away from home where one could relax, rejuvenate, and dream big.

I was given the keys to a charming and lively Category B car when I bought the villa, and it became my reliable travel companion. As a pair, we navigated the coastal highways, which seemed tailor-made for me every turn, unveiling breathtaking views. As we drove past bucolic coves and ancient olive groves, the car’s gentle hum matched the gentle breeze that tousled my hair.

I went for a drive to a remote beach one morning, where the sand shimmered in the early light. I felt a deep connection to the island—its past, its pulse, and its ubiquitous beauty—there, enveloped by the calm murmur of waves. As the days passed, we encountered new and exciting things: a vibrant local market, where we sampled a variety of foods; a tranquil seaside café, where we sipped the finest espresso while listening to tales of the sea from the local fishermen; and so on.

I knew that this was more than just a vacation; it was a turning point in my life that will always inspire me to seek out wonder and excitement as the sun set on my final night, coloring the sky with orange and purple strokes.

Chalikounas is the place for you if you want a vacation that’s more than just relaxing—a place where you can write your own story at your own speed. Who knows what stories you’ll create on this island with a villa as your refuge and a car as your guide?

More than just a vacation, this trip was an immersion into Corfu’s essence. Paleokastritsa was the destination of my explorations; there, I saw rocky coves bathed in turquoise seas and tranquil havens afforded by monasteries built on cliffs. Here I basked in the sun as I meandered down the ancient stone walkways, listening to the past reverberate with every step, and in the evenings I dined on the regional specialties, the flavors of which lingered on my tongue like seafood and olives.

On a separate occasion, my journey took me right into the middle of Corfu Town. There were echoes of bygone eras in the building’s small, shadowy passageways and Venetian style. At the lively Liston Promenade, where the Corfiot way of life was most apparent, I mixed with the locals. As big as the Corfu sky, the shopkeepers’ grins welcomed me, and the air was heavy with the aroma of freshly baked goodies from local patisseries.

The lovely local couple who owned the home were the very definition of Greek hospitality. I was more than welcomed; their hospitality and willingness to teach me about their culture and home made me feel at home. While sipping on homemade kumquat liquor, they regaled us with tales of the island’s heritage and culture and pointed us to undiscovered treasures that no guidebook had ever mentioned.

The welcoming people and beautiful scenery added depth to these events, and I now have a rich tapestry of memories to remind me of them. Because of the island’s enduring allure, my stay in Chalikounas was more than a vacation; it was a joyous celebration of life, culture, and new friendships.

See you next year again.

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This story was send to us by Sandy N. who visited our place during early April 2024. Feel free to share with us your stories as well and we promise that we will publish them as an inspiration for the people still thinking to book a holiday.

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