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Essential Guide to Driving in Corfu – Quick Tips

driving in corfu

Corfu has winding roads that go through green areas and old towns. Most tourists, about 80%, rent cars to explore freely. Driving in Corfu lets you see amazing views. But, you must follow Corfu’s road rules, have the right driving license, and know the traffic signs.

If you want to drive on the scenic routes, we have tips for you. Our advice on driving safely and choosing the best car rental will make your trip great. You’ll feel like you’re driving with a soft sea breeze.

Key Takeaways

  • Understand the intricate road rules Corfu has in place for a hassle-free driving experience.
  • Discover the most fitting car rental Corfu options tailored to individual travel preferences and styles.
  • Comprehend the driving license requirements Corfu necessitates for international visitors.
  • Learn to interpret the traffic signs Corfu utilises to navigate safely and confidently.
  • Unveil the best driving routes Corfu boasts, leading you to unparalleled scenic vistas.
  • Gain valuable knowledge on parking etiquettes and driving safety tips Corfu endorses.

Navigating the Idyllic Island: Essentials of Driving in Corfu

Exploring Corfu means getting to know how to travel there. It’s key to learn about local traffic regulations in Corfu. This keeps us safe on the roads. It also helps us enjoy our journey more.

Understanding Local Traffic Regulations in Corfu

To responsibly drive in Corfu, you must follow its traffic rules. Knowing the speed limits and roundabout rules is crucial for safety. Getting to know these rules well makes driving safe and fun.

Renting the Perfect Car for Your Corfu Adventure

Choosing car rental in Corfu lets you see lovely spots in your own time. It’s good to learn about how to rent a car in Corfu. Pick a car that’s comfy and just the right size. A good rental company makes your trip amazing.

Deciphering Traffic Signs in Corfu for Safe Driving

Understanding traffic signs in Corfu stops accidents and confusion. Signs guide your adventure, making sure it’s full of happiness. Watching for island-specific signs means you can drive with ease.

In this section, we will delve into the essential elements of driving in Corfu. We will begin by discussing the local traffic regulations that drivers need to comply with on the island. Understanding the traffic rules and laws will ensure a safe and hassle-free driving experience.

Learning about Corfu’s driving laws is key for a smooth trip. It keeps you safe and shows respect for local ways.

Car rental Corfu

Renting Your Ideal Car in Corfu

Choosing the right car is crucial for enjoying Corfu’s views. We’ll help you find good car hire options and understand the hire process.

  • Research reputable car rental companies that adhere to the highest standards of vehicle safety and customer service.
  • Ensure that you’re aware of the documentation required, such as a valid driving licence that meets Corfu regulations.
  • Consider the type of vehicle that best aligns with your driving comfort and the nature of your planned routes – be it coastal roads or rugged terrains.

Deciphering Traffic Signs in Corfu

Knowing local traffic signs is vital for safe driving in Corfu. We’ll explain the most important signs and their meanings.

Sign Category Example Meaning Action Required
Prohibitory No Entry Entry is forbidden to all vehicles. Do not enter the road or area designated.
Warning Sharp Bend Ahead is a sharp bend to the right. Reduce speed and prepare to change direction.
Mandatory Proceed Straight Vehicles must go straight. Keep your trajectory aligned with the arrow.
Information Parking Area Indicates a zone where parking is allowed. Utilise this space for parking if needed.

With this knowledge, you can drive confidently in Corfu. Your journey will be fun and safe.

The Best Driving Routes in Corfu for Scenic Beauty

Get ready for a trip on lovely roads. Corfu’s scenic drives show the island’s beauty. You’ll see amazing coasts, quaint villages, and stunning southern views. Each drive brings new wonders.

Coastal Drives: From Dassia to Kassiopi

Love the sea? Corfu’s coastal drives are perfect. The drive from Dassia to Kassiopi is a must. Blue seas are with you on winding roads. Feel the sea breeze as you explore this path. Every turn shows a new view. The journey is as special as the destination.

Central Villages: Exploring the Heart of Corfu

Drive peacefully through Corfu’s central villages. Old traditions live here among olive trees. Travel through historic places and try local food. You’ll love Corfu’s inland beauty.

Southern Sights: Spotting Flamingos at the Salt Lakes of Lefkimi

See nature’s art in Corfu’s south. The Lefkimi Salt Lakes have lovely flamingos. Watching these birds is amazing. It makes your Corfu drive memorable.

In this section, we will highlight the best driving routes in Corfu that offer scenic beauty and breathtaking landscapes. These routes will take you through the most picturesque areas of the island, allowing you to immerse yourself in its natural beauty.

Our journey uncovers the most beautiful drives in Corfu. Each route shows us stunning views and the island’s beauty.

Coastal Charm: Dassia to Kassiopi

The coastal route from Dassia to Kassiopi is amazing. You will see the blue Ionian Sea and beautiful olive groves.

  • Start with a sunrise at Dassia Beach, where the calm waters create a peaceful ambience.
  • Drive northward to the fishing village of Kouloura, a serene spot perfect for a leisurely break.
  • Continue to the historical site of Kassiopi Castle, where the magnificence of the past meets the beauty of the present.

Every turn on this drive offers beautiful sights Corfu is famous for. There are many places to stop and enjoy the island.

Stunning Coastline of Corfu

Village Voyage: Heart of Corfu

We go through the central villages of Corfu next. You will see olive groves, cypress trees, and old buildings.

  1. Visit the village of Ano Korakiana, brimming with art galleries and local cafes.
  2. Explore the Old Perithia, Corfu’s oldest village, offering a step back in time with its preserved heritage.
  3. Experience the mountainous village of Spartylas, with breathtaking views from its high vantage points.

This journey lets us see the heart and soul of Corfu.

Nature’s Canvas: Salt Lakes of Lefkimi

In the south, the Salt Lakes of Lefkimi are a sight to see. This place is full of life, with flamingos in the water.

Set against a backdrop of mountain silhouettes, we navigate towards this avian ballet. The lakes’ crystalline reflection creates a mesmerising tableau, thus featuring a drive unlike any other.

Finding Lefkimi is easy. It’s a place where you can find peace and see nature at its best.

Corfu’s drives show you the sea’s calm or the land’s beauty. Each journey tells a story of the island’s beauty.

Driving in Corfu: Tips for a Smooth Journey

Driving in Corfu is great if you follow some advice. We’ll share driving tips Corfu to make your trip fun and easy.

First, safe driving Corfu is key. The roads are narrow and winding, so drive carefully. Stay slow on hills and watch out for sharp turns. Let cars coming the other way pass on tight roads.

About parking tips Corfu, it’s important to find a good spot. In big areas like Corfu Town, parking gets hard in busy times. Try to use parking lots and steer clear of no-go zones to avoid tickets. Sometimes, paying a little for parking can help a lot.

In small towns, it helps to know how locals do things. If you’re unsure where to park, ask shop owners nearby. They might suggest the best places or let you park near them.

  • Always carry your driving license and rental car documents
  • Keep a safe distance from the vehicle in front, as sudden stops are common
  • Park in shaded areas to protect your car from the heat
  • Invest in a detailed map or GPS system to navigate unfamiliar roads with confidence

Take your time in Corfu. The island is beautiful and relaxed. Make sure you have enough time to enjoy your trip safely.

Remember, patience on the roads leads to a safer and more serene experience for everyone involved.


We have come to the end of our guide about driving in Corfu. This is just the start of your adventure on this beautiful island. Driving here is fun and safe if you follow our tips.

We hope you feel ready and excited to drive in Corfu now. We’ve talked about the rules, picked out the best cars, explained the signs, and planned great trips. Our advice is your guide to a trip you’ll never forget.

Keep what you’ve learned in mind as you explore Corfu. Respect the island’s beauty and rules. We believe you’ll have amazing stories to tell after driving in Corfu. Your journey will be filled with memories to hold on to.


What are the local traffic regulations in Corfu?

In Corfu, drive on the right and overtake on the left. The speed limit in towns is 50 km/h. On open roads, it’s 70 km/h. Everyone must wear seat belts. Kids under 12 need special seats. Follow these rules to stay safe and legal.

How can I rent a car in Corfu?

To explore Corfu, many choose to rent a car. You must be 21 or older. Also, you need a driving license for at least a year. International licenses and a passport are needed. Plus, a credit card. Look at different agencies. It’s good to check reviews and compare prices.

What are the traffic signs in Corfu?

Traffic signs in Corfu are like those around the world. You’ll see stop signs and speed limits. Also, give way and no entry signs, plus one-way signs. It’s key to know these signs. Sometimes, there are special signs, like in construction. This helps you drive safe.

What are the best driving routes in Corfu?

Corfu has lovely driving routes. One great route is from Dassia to Kassiopi. It’s by the sea. Another way goes through central villages. It shows local culture. Birdwatchers should go to Lefkimi’s Salt Lakes. Visit Chalikounas and Gardiki. Lake Korission is a must. These drives offer beautiful views.

What are some driving safety tips for Corfu?

When you drive in Corfu, safety is key. Always wear a seat belt. Make sure everyone else does too. Stick to speed limits. Be careful on tricky roads. Watch out for people and animals. Try to park in safe spots. Lock your car when you leave it. These tips will make your drive smoother and safer.

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