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Φεβρουάριος 2024

Halikounas beach. The main photo on the Chill Out Chalikounas Villas website depicts a serene and picturesque view of a beach, showcasing crystal-clear turquoise waters and a pristine sandy shoreline, flanked by lush greenery. This idyllic scene captures the tranquil and beautiful natural environment surrounding the villas, inviting viewers to imagine a peaceful and relaxing getaway in this stunning location.

Corfu, one of Greece’s Ionian Islands, is a haven for those seeking in Corfu luxury villas holidays. The island’s stunning coastline, sandy beaches, and olive groves make it a desirable destination for travelers looking to relax in a private villa with all the amenities. If you’re considering a villa holiday in Corfu, here is the ultimate guide to help you find the perfect luxury villa for your stay.

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Chalilkounas Beach

Imagine yourself standing on a breathtaking beach, surrounded by nature’s untouched beauty. The soft sand caresses your toes, the gentle breeze rustles through the trees, and the crystal-clear waters invite you for a refreshing dip. This is the experience that awaits you at Chalikounas Beach on the picturesque island of Corfu. Nestled on the pristine

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Did you know that Benitses, a charming fishing village located on the eastern coast of the stunning Greek island of Corfu, was one of the pioneers of tourism in the region? This picturesque village has a rich history and has attracted famous figures like Vivien Leigh, Paul McCartney, and George Harrison in the past. Today,

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